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To ensure better business standings, you should be familiar with spreading the word about your book. The portrayal of expertise, abilities, and interaction with the audience will decide your success. Content Hub LLC improves the chances of your book recognition with a professional team well versed in making you stand out with various unique marketing solutions. Our exclusive book marketing solution includes:

Personal Marketing Assistants

Are you looking for book marketing companies? At Content Hub LLC, we help you impressively highlight your skills and qualities and establish a sophisticated online or digital persona while marketing your book.

Social Media Set-Up

Setting up social media profiles promotes your written materials online and makes them accessible to more readers in a digital space. Our team of social media specialists manages various social media accounts with a vigilant approach.

Appealing And Creative Bookmarks

Are you looking to promote your book and spread awareness? Let us do it for you! As durable and delightful, bookmarks are a dream come true for creative bookworms. They serve as a vital tool to make your business memorable and enable readers to gain insightful information.

Digital Postcards

Digital postcards can be a perfect medium to get the readers' attention and interact with them directly. It enhances the quality and creativity level by grabbing the customers' attention, making a long-lasting impact in their minds.

Business Cards

We believe that your business is one of a kind, and your business cards can be, too. A company card is crucial for promoting businesses and acting as a bridge between the readers and you. Here, we help you make a striking first impression when you give satisfied clients your contact info next time.


Content Hub LLC is here to offer compelling and captivating posters used to promote a book launching event. Our creative digital posters are a great help to instantly gain the audience's attention while marketing your book offline.

Book Video Trailers

Online book video trailers serve as an ideal way to promote books to potential readers. Content Hub LLC is the ultimate destination to offer your book the visibility you want.

Press Release

Press releases are an essential tool for marketing. At Content Hub LLC, we help in your book promotion with a flawless press release for effective book promotion. Our skillful writers produce original, compelling, and seamless press releases to announce book launches.

Social Media Marketing

Do you want to promote your book online? Social media marketing enhances readership and boosts sales while enabling the author to gain credibility. It can be ideal for getting the attention of 90% of Internet traffic.

Marketing Consultation

Marketing consultation is an essential aspect of book promotion. Here, our marketing consultants guide clients with strategic planning through engaging sessions, ensuring stability in market standings. We deliver book marketing solutions with a hassle-free approach, helping the author gain recognition and reputation.

Amazon Kindle

Do you want to be known as the bestselling author on Amazon Kindle? Whether newspapers, books, magazines, or any other material, Amazon Kindle is an ideal platform. Its simplistic features offer your book-like feel, thus, shifting readers to Amazon Kindle.

Apple Books

Provide your book with immense exposure with Apple Book's digital version that can be accessed through Apple devices, i.e., iPhone and iPad. With a one-click publishing solution for authors, you can get your book published on iBook (Apple's bookstore) and circulate it worldwide.

Barnes And Noble Nook Edition

Nook is a digital reader similar to Amazon Kindle that allows users to download various newspapers and books in a minimum timeframe. To gain more audience and customers, Nook is an exceptional platform to have. Upload your eBook on Nook to maximize your impact and expand your readership.
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Small and Attractive Posters

A compelling and captivating poster can boost your book launching event's authenticity and add more value to it. Posters are a great way to get instant attention and attraction from the audience.

Book Video Trailers

Book video trailers grab the authors, audience, and marketers' attention, creating a charming effect. With an effective marketing strategy, you can gain more readership and spectators.

Press Release

Our skillful writers produce a great, original, compelling, and seamless press release to announce book launches in a meaningful way.

Marketing on Social Media Platforms

Want to raise awareness regarding your book? Social media proves to be an effective place to market your book to an online audience. To increase readership and boost sales, social media can be ideal for getting the attention of 90% of Internet traffic.

Marketing Consultation

Ghost Writers Avenue has a team of marketing experts with various strategies and tactics up their sleeves that will boost efforts for book promotion. By holding appealing and exclusive marketing sessions with the customers, we help them get attention and earn a massive scale reputation.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is known for its simplistic approach, and its visual interface is similar to that of a hard copy of a book.

Apple Books

The digital version of a book can ensure better and immense exposure as compared to hardcopy. When the readers access the digital book on iPhone or iPad, they appreciate the book wholeheartedly.

Barnes and Noble Nook Edition

Another great platform to gain more customers and readers' attention is Barnes and Noble's Nook Edition. Through this platform, you can get your digital publishing done to improve your reputation automatically and massively.

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