We have experienced ghostwriters on board who provide professional services to our valuable customers. We pay keen attention to get the best out of our content and get successful results at the most affordable packages.


  • Finalizing the outline
  • Writing/Re-writing of the complete book
  • Research and ethnography
  • Detailed author's bio
  • Formatting and typesetting
  • Unlimited images/photos
  • Unlimited revisions
  • A dedicated team of three experts
  • Online author account
  • Completion as per the client's timeframe
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Finalizing the outline
  • Writing/Re-writing of the complete book
  • Research and ethnography
  • Detailed author's bio
  • Formatting and typesetting
  • Unlimited images/photos
  • Creative cover design (three concepts)
  • Publishing on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble.
  • Ebook, paperback and hardcover
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Dedicated team of five experts
  • Online author account
  • Completion as per the client's timeframe
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Formatting and Editing

Primary Editing

Content Hub LLC provides services, including managing your byline as well as complete eBook ownership. Our editors comprehensively review the draft and add comments where necessary. Once it's done, the draft is delivered to the customer for their feedback.

Secondary Editing

After the acceptance of modifications by the customer, the editor once again reviews the draft to check for any other changes that need to be made.

Proofing and Copyediting

When all the editing requirements are completed, a senior proofreader/copyeditor reviews and proofreads the final product.


Upon the finalization and scanning of the manuscript, it is handed to the customer for the final look. After the final draft gets approved and reviewed, it is time to add illustrations before publishing it (only for publishing services).

Quality Check

Books are reviewed extensively for quality assurance through various editorial evaluations by skilled readers of the industry.

Book Publication

At Content Hub LLC, we deliver a reasonable package with guaranteed results, producing excellent quality services for our clients. For every plan, we incorporate creativity that lasts. We believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction through transparency and never add any hidden costs.


  • We provide eBook publishing services to ensure global acknowledgment of the book, putting you in the race for the bestselling author.
  • Some of the well-known platforms we publish your books include Kindle, Barnes and Nobel, CreateSpace, and Kobo.
Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Nobel, Createspace and Kobo:
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Conceptual Cover Art

Do you judge a book by its cover? We know you do! A cover separates an ordinary book from an extraordinary one. Our innovative and captivating aesthetics build an impactful personality of the book and make it stand out.

  • Before planning to design a book, we undergo deep market research to discover the perspective of the readers
  • Attractive and unique cover design
  • Client and team’s collaborative effort
  • Accomplish prominent outcomes with skilled typesetting
  • Unique and pioneering cover design
  • Collaborative work of our team and client
  • Skilled typesetting to achieve prominent outcomes


At Content Hub LLC, we are aware of the declining attention span of users online. Thus, an audiobook story can be essential to improve your book's readability. We work on audiobook stories incorporating a portable and convenient approach for your target readers to enhance your online influence and progress in the avenues.


  • Top-notch audiobook creation and publication services
  • Free from glitches or glitches or malfunctions
  • Customer and team based collaborative effort

Prices may change depending upon your project requirements and needs

Art & Illustrations

We work on all illustration techniques ranging from the newest to the traditional styles.


Following is our illustration process:

  • The project is backed by a team of professional illustrators assigned by the support team
  • The designers and illustrators will take the details regarding the project and according to the project's requirements
  • If you are not satisfied with the first draft, we provide several revisions, and our illustrators will carry out all edits as per the client's requirement
  • After the illustrations are complete, we send samples in low-resolution format for the final review
  • We only provide top-notch files format after the images are approved


Content Hub LLC offers professional translation services and comprises top-notch experts. We have a team of highly qualified translators who deliver top-notch translation services utilizing a tried and tested approach. We keep in mind the customers' requirements rather than choosing a translator from a database.

Each and every project is performed by experienced project managers who select translators depending on the context of the document translation while ensuring to meet the deadline.


  • 24/7 availability
  • Affordable rates
  • Managed project translations
  • Industry specific and native translators
  • Customer-friendly approach
  • Timely delivery and accurate translation

Author Website

Content Hub LLC can help you develop an excellent website, introducing you as a renowned, bestselling author. Our compelling websites comprise an unbeatable combination of SEO and well-optimized graphics that significantly increase the rankings.


  • Seamless interface and easy navigation
  • Online recognition with advanced SEO


  • Appealing and responsive design with an attention-grabbing approach
  • Enhance visibility with advanced practices of SEO
  • High ranking search engine strategy with a result-oriented approach

Teaser & Trailer

We know the importance of executing unique and advanced procedures to garner awareness of your book. One such approach is to produce an appealing trailer video for the book where we set the characters in action after creating them. We creatively grasp the attention and draw the whole story in a specific yet captivating way.

Marketing & Promotions

Content Hub LLC allows creative branding and top-notch advertising services to clients. We produce an innovative depiction of your book and guarantee to run expert branding campaigns for you to achieve success.

Our pricing breakdown

At Content Hub LLC, we focus on details, the research criteria, and the composition of content. Our pricing packages ensure your satisfaction and accomplishment with no compromise on quality.

Our round the clock customer care

To ensure your concerns are addressed, our 24/7 assistance is always at your service. We're known for our professional approach with clear and well-documented processes. Feel free to connect with us, and we promise to bring you at ease immediately.

Press Release

Online press releases can be an amazing way to gain visibility about a person or a business. When written and distributed correctly, a press release can continue to grow indefinitely and can linger in the search space for an infinite amount of time. At Content Hub LLC, we can help you craft a press release for just about any announcement. The great thing about our press release service is that we will conduct keyword research and write your PR with SEO in mind. The right keywords in your press release can be the difference of a few visitors reading to a lot of visitors reading it.

Wikipedia Page

Content Hub LLC is a leading Wikipedia page creation agency known for its authenticity and top-quality content. We make sure that we integrate every new Wikipedia feature to the new Wikipedia pages we create and keep them updated for your target audience. Content Hub LLC keeps on looking forward to increase your conversion rates through Wikipedia pages. Check out our in-depth detail about how we establish a remarkable Wikipedia page.

Google Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph Search API lets you find entities in the Google Knowledge Graph. We help you get into Google’s Knowledge Graph by creating Wikipedia pages and social media profiles, implementing schema markup on your site, using quality keywords at the right places, and creating content that is targeted toward your reader and provides exceptional information to get Google’s attention.
Hire us today for getting in the Google’s Knowledge Graph at a reasonable price.

Influencer Marketing

Content Hub LLC is a leading influencer marketing agency that creates custom, data-driven strategies to grow your business, brand awareness, and revenue. With our influencer marketing services, powered by over 200 digital marketing specialists, we can achieve your company’s biggest goals. Are you ready to expand your brand with influencer marketing? Choose our package or connect with an experienced strategist from our team today!

Book Launch Party Arrangements

You’ve spent months (or years) creating the perfect book. Now it’s time for the fun part.
Our Book Launch pros will help you build and execute the marketing plan your book deserves, so you can share your message, make an impact, and build credibility as a professional author. Our book launch services include media coverage, amazon bestseller promotion, content publication, paid promotions, and so much more.
Give your book the success it deserves with our book launch services.


With over hundreds of book printing projects completed last year, we know both the expectations of the authors and readers. Whether you need only 100 copies or 10,000, Content Hub LLC has got your back!

We are committed to producing top-quality books in our master certified on-house printing shop. Every book that we print in our facility meets digital printing's high standards be it offset printing, print on demand, or short-run printing. Our printing press handles your books with the utmost care and delicacy.

Our prices for book printing depend on the size of your book,
the number of pages, and your unique printing requirements.
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Social Media Marketing

Promote your book and increase your ROI with our social media marketing services that include Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, Twitter advertising, Pinterest advertising, and more. With our social media marketing services, we make sure that your piece of art reaches the targeted audience with full zeal and commitment. Our marketing team at Content Hub LLC provides a robust, fast, and smooth way of getting your customized book into the hands of your readers. Type a message

Our Pricing Breakdown

At Content Hub LLC, we focus on details of the content, the research criteria, and composition of content. In case of individual genres book, you do not have to pay anything extra. Regardless if the features’ plan, there is no such plans about hard and fast rule. Whether it is about adding features or flexible approach, our pricing plans ensures that your happiness is not compromised. Furthermore, our discounted deals are backed with sensible pricing and rates.

Our Round The Clock Customer Care

In case of confusion, the customer care of Content Hub LLC is here to provide assistance and address all the queries. To ensure you have clarity, our 24/7 assistance and guidelines is always at your service. Our satisfactory results speak for themselves and thus, we make sure to connect with the processes we undergo. Our ghostwriters are known for their professional approach, hence our process is clear, well documented, and apparent. If you are looking for any support from us, feel free to connect with our skillful individuals will provide solution to your problem.

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