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A virtual book tour is not much different than a physical book tour but has gained popularity during digitalization. One of its most important advantages is its effective and beneficial business approach. Here at Content Hub LLC, our experts help create an effective online book tour highlighting the qualities and benefits of the book.
Sharing a virtual book tour on social media helps promote and spread awareness about your book online and gain an online reputation. It increases readership, boosts sales, and saves a considerable amount of effort.

Gain more recognition with blogosphere and social media

Blogosphere is the global community comprising of individuals to maintain or write Internet blogs. It is a platform that gets a massive chunk of traffic and viewership throughout the world wide web. Do you want to promote a book? Our team is here to create an enticing virtual book tour to promote your book the right way.
Once the readers read your book in the blogosphere, they reach out to you via social media platforms. In our virtual book store created, we highlight the author's name and content within the tour to be shared with all social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, you can also track the blog's online activity of your book with our team's assistance. No matter where your book's name is mentioned on the Internet, you will get notified every time.

Why is a virtual book tour important?

To get the maximum out of your business, you must know how to use social media and blogs the right way. Content Hub LLC offers a book tour service that utilizes your social media platforms and blogs to their utmost potential. Some benefits of a virtual book tour are:
  • Enhanced online visibility and more audience retention
  • Increase book sales with concentrated and short virtual tours.
  • Grow email and blog lists through virtual tours and let new people search your website
  • Get in connection with key influencers and bloggers and become relevant
  • Communicate with dormant buyers and fresh readers directly via social media chats, Q and As, blog comments, and more
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